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Our columbaria, majestic and respectful to commemorate the memory of your loved ones, are indoor cemeteries designed to hold urns. Easy of access and open every day of the week, our columbaria are a place of dignity and peace. They are located in different locations.

Gleeton & Fortin Crematorium in Gaspé

Members of the immediate family can, if they wish, be present for the cremation. The entire ritual is performed in a dignified and respectful atmosphere. This option is unique in the region.

Our company was the first to establish a crematorium on the Gaspé Peninsula and its facility is still the only one in the MRC Côte-de-Gaspé and vicinity. This means cremation can take place without any delays due to transportation or the lack of availability of adequate facilities at other centres. This is an advantage in financial terms since there are no transportation costs, which in turn makes it possible to keep prices lower than at other funeral homes in the regional county municipality (RCM).

Crematorium operations are conducted in compliance with the relevant legislation: :

  • Before proceeding with a cremation, the crematorium owner must have in hand all the documentation required by law.
  • No cremations can take place before the expiry of 12 hours after confirmation of death.
  • A body brought to the crematorium for incineration must have been placed in an adequate container; this container must not for any consideration be opened without the owner’s written authorisation and then, only in the presence of the buyer and/or his or her duly authorised representative.
  • Before the cremation is carried out, all radioactive, explosive or plastic material, substances or matter that has to be removed to comply with the law, in the operator’s opinion, must first be removed. Moreover, any material that might damage the cremation chamber or modify the cremation process must also be removed.

Cremation (or incineration) is as old as human society but the Catholic Church has only recognised this means of disposal since 1963. Although cremation is increasingly popular, some people choose to have a viewing and a church funeral with the body present and then have the remains cremated. Since 1985, however, the Church has permitted the celebration of funeral services with ashes present.

How can you be sure you receive the right ashes?

A strict identification procedure is followed, making it nearly impossible for such a mistake to occur. In fact, an identification protocol is maintained at all times. The body and the cremation container are both identified by means of a bracelet or tag. Another identification sheet is placed on the cremation chamber, identifying the body being incinerated. The cinerary urn that will be used to hold the ashes is also identified.

Are several bodies incinerated at the same time?

No, never. Because of its size, the chamber can only hold one body at a time. When several bodies are to be cremated, the procedure takes place in the order the bodies arrive at the crematorium. This is why it sometimes takes a few days before the ashes can be returned.

What does the cremation process involve?

The body of the deceased is placed in a coffin or in a wooden or cardboard box, depending on what has been chosen. Out of respect for the deceased, the body is incinerated with the coffin or cremation container. A cremation chamber can only hold one coffin at a time. The cremation process takes about an hour and a half at a temperature that varies from 1000 to 1200 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, the container, clothing and body disintegrate, leaving only bony matter as cinerary remains. Even at such a high temperature, the main bones of the human body cannot be reduced to ash. This explains why, once they’ve cooled, the bone fragments are reduced to tiny particles in a crusher before being placed in the selected cinerary urn.

Préarrangements funéraires

A pre-arranged funeral agreement is a contract between an individual and a funeral director that establishes in advance what is to be done when that individual dies.

This type of arrangement gives you the opportunity, regardless of your age or situation, to organise your own funeral, thus ensuring you that your final wishes will be respected, no matter what your religious convictions, customs or beliefs. Managing your patrimony while you are still able to do so also allows your loved ones to mourn without having to make decisions and take care of all the formalities associated with this serious responsibility.

The pre-arranged funeral contract can cover the purchase of the coffin or funerary urn, flowers, transportation of the body, embalming, cremation and details regarding the memorial service as well as a range of other goods or services associated with your funeral.

You can defray the costs associated with your pre-planned funeral arrangements at today’s prices for services that will be provided later, at no additional cost.

You will receive the goods and services you’ve selected at the agreed-upon price.

It is important to point out that the amount paid for this type of contract is deposited in a trust account. This means your money will be well-protected and sheltered from inflation. If you decide – for whatever reason – to cancel or modify your contract, the law allows the funeral home to keep up to 10 percent of the price of the goods and services ordered to cover administrative costs.

If you prefer not to pay in advance, you can choose to simply plan your funeral. This option gives you the opportunity to describe the goods and services you want, with payment to be made when you die. However, you must realise that prices cannot be guaranteed. Your estate will be responsible for paying the cost of funeral services at the rate in effect at the time of your death.

Although it may seem difficult to plan your funeral in advance, a pre-arranged funeral will give your loved ones peace of mind while meeting all your expectations. It lets you give your family and the people who are important to you the chance to mourn without having to take care of administrative matters and without having to wonder if “this is really what you would have wanted”.

Did you know that when you pre-arrange your funeral you can pay for it with a monthly payment plan regardless of your age or state of health? If you choose this type of service, the unpaid balance is covered by an insurance policy, the cost of which is included in your payments. If a beneficiary dies within 24 months of signing the contract, the total amount already paid is returned to the buyer. If you die before the contract is paid in full (and more than 24 months after signing), the balance of your contract will be paid in full for you.